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Thursday, July 31, 2014


8 oz Soft Denim Blue, Mill End Wool Roving

This is a beautiful Denim Blue roving. It is soft and bouncy and would spin wonderfully.There is no vegetation matter or felted pieces in this roving.There are 8 ounces in this bundle. I have tried spinning some myself and it was great! If you love spinning this is a "must have" as a present for yourself or a loved one.

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Well today I renewed and edited this listing for blue roving. My rovings on etsy seem to sell the best. Just today I got another person from New York buying some from me. The only problem right now is that my roving supply is starting to run low and it takes a good bit of money to go out and buy a bunch of it at once. In any case I got some more coming in the mail soon. It should be more white, black and brown. I completely sold out of black last month. I think I should make that color one of my regulars since people seemed to love it so much. For the first time since I started selling it I am just about sold out of white roving...wow. As for the brown color that's coming in...I'm not sure what I'm getting. Some brown colors sell really well but others are just nasty. I'm just going to have faith in my supplier that she'll send me something good.

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