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Monday, July 28, 2014


Size 32 Triangle, Felting Needle

This is a 10 pack of size 32, triangle blade felting needles, 3 1/2 inches long. Each needle tip is protected in a plastic sheath.
If you're looking for more(or less), please contact me and I`ll try to create a custom listing for you.

I Strive to have 100% satisfaction. I guarantee that the Item Described Is the item being shipped. I try to describe the condition of the item as honestly as possible. Most Items ship with in one business day of payment confirmation.

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Sorry I didn't manage to get much done over the last couple days. I'm still feeling a bit out of motivation but I'm not letting that get me down. Today I have to work on my other crafting blog and find some more people to post about since it seems I'm starting to run low. While I'm waiting for those people to get back to me I'll work on infobarrel a head of time. I have to write a couple posts for that place tomorrow but its best to get a head of things.

That is if pinterest doesn't suck me in. I do want to get some socializing done there though. I finally got 1200 followers!! I'm really happy about that one...

I also have to head into work today. I don't intend to be quite as droopy as I have been at work the last couple times. I just need to get my job done and do it well. I need to keep my personality to myself...

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