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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Brown and Deep Purple Crocheted Mesh Poncho or shawl

Here is a brown and deep purple crocheted mesh poncho or shawl. This beautiful mesh poncho would look lovely for a  special occasion or even for just a day to day outfit. It is a one size fits most.

If you have any questions or if you would like a custom made poncho like this feel free to contact me. I don't mind going out of my way to make a poncho in the color/style that you would like. Keep in mind though that this might make actually getting your poncho take a bit longer.

For more listings like this:

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Looks like today I'm re-newing this poncho on etsy. I added a new part to the discription talling people that I don't mind making custom orders of this poncho. I think it would be fun to try to make something just-so for someone.

After putting this poncho up it makes me remember that I also have some other items that need to have thier pictures taken and added to etsy. I'm trying to wait till I have 5 finished items of one type or another. Right now I have 2 finished and 5-7 all-but-finished projects.

Well as far as writing goes yesterday was a bit of a let down. I only managed to get two posts in on bubblews not 3-5. I guess I need to try harder today once I'm done with this blog post. On top of bubblews though I also have infobarrel to work on today so...I have a full plate. I even have to go into work sometime.

I hear my coffee calling me so I'll finish this here. Once I get my coffee in me I should be ready for the long list of things I need to do.

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