Hello and Welcome to my blog for my ramblings about life in general as a part-time art student and part-time fast-food worker.

Friday, June 13, 2014


My first attempt at Sushi.

 Well yesterday was pretty interesting at work. Towards the end of my shift one of my co-workers went on break and didn't make it back becuase she fainted while in the bathroom. Goes to show that when something bad happens it WILL catch you in the most awkwerd postition. I really feel bad for her. We had to call the ambulance and her mom. I just hope she's okay...

Anyways tomorrow after work I'm heading back to my parents for the weekend. I plan on using Saturday for gardening and Sunday for crafting for etsy. I'll put a picture up of what I get finished. I just wish I could do some sort of gardening here in indiana but...yeah.

On a plus note yesterday I somehow managed to earn 1.40$ on adsense for my blogs. Usually I just get a penny or two for each blog post but suddenly wham-bang I get a dollar. Now if I could just make that the norm for my blogs...

Well I guess I waste sometime watching the big bang theory before heading to bed.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Getting ready to ink in some of my doodles for Inpar.

Well after here comes my second from last day in my home away from home. I'm going to be heading home for the weekend and work on my parents garden. They have such big gardens and big plans for thier gardens but unless someone does the work for them nothing happens in these said gardens.

Anyways today I'm planning on getting to work on bubblews again. I'm not sure if this will mean actuall writing there since I'm still trying to biuld trust up in that place again but at least I'll show my face. 

For those of you who don't know(which is probably everyone) bubblews is a website that lets you write "articles" and pays you for every view and like that you get. Its still a very new website so its very buggy....very.buggy. In fact its really hard to trust them with all the issues that they have. I keep with them though becuase they do once in a blue moon pay you if you contact them in the just-right-way. So far they have helped me a lot in my journy through living on my own for the first time.

On top of bubblews I also plan on blogging some more or getting ready to blog. I need to start drawing and writing some more stuff for my blog for Inpar which has been wallowing in cyber space for a whole semester now.

Then of course there is work...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


My cup of hot choco to start the day. Made in the coffee pot.
Hello I am Sheryl just your somewhat normal young person going on adult. I felt like I needed a blog to help me get into a writery mood. At least I can use this to help my fingers get moving even if all I'm doing to talking about weather.
I am a part-time art student at IUP. I am more interested in the fiber arts area. I have been asked often what I want to do as an art student but to be really truthful I haven't a clue. I just know that art is what I enjoy, even though I tend to stray to the crafty side of it I don't think I'm too bad as it.
Another thing that people can't understand about me is that I am going part-time as an art student when I have already finished a degree in english. I also loved english...
I guess that is another reason I want to have this blog. I got this degree in creative writing but unless I keep writing in one form or another I'm never going to do anything with it.
Well anyways I guess thats it for my intro to this blog. I have to go get ready for work. Once I get back from work I'll be getting to work on my webtoon that I'm playing around with on my spare time. I'll write more about that tomorrow.